[DRAMAtical Murder ep8]

Cause I forgot to do this when I was first watching it, so why not

I just really liked the shots of when they did draw his bracelets right hahaha

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More Baka couple makoharu doodles from EP9 ^^

First EP9 comic here ^^

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Sleeping Makoto (´ω`)


Sleeping Makoto (´ω`)

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More Future Fish au !! Makoharu’s First Wedding Anniversary because it is also my blog’s first anniversary !! It’s the first time I have a blog for this long, it is really something to celebrate XD YAY !!!

And so +10K THANK YOU for following my blog (with my makoharu life-ruining and unhealthy addiction) !!! and thank you for all your cute and sweet messages / tags, they really encourage and make me so happy  so let’s keep on loving makoharumako and expect more stupid comics about dorky sexy swimmer boys from me hehe 
✧  (=ㅎ.ㅎ=)  (= ´◡` =) ✧
    /(  ♥   ♥  )\ /(  ♥   ♥   )\

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feat - screaming alphas.

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Capsule Can Badge Collection ~in Halloween~

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Makoto || F R E E ! es ep. 09

(Fuente: keiko-chan)

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